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Unused Medication

Return of food and medication to our practice

To ensure the safety of our patients and that we are compliant with the Veterinary Medicines Directive legal guidelines regarding the storage of medicines we are unable to refund any unused medication or food that has left our building.

Medications have specific storage conditions relating to temperature, light and humidity which are continuously monitored from production to sale. Any changes in condition such as becoming wet/damp, being exposed to too much light, or becoming too hot can chemically alter the medication, which could cause it to become less effective or even harmful.

Whilst we accept that that optimal conditions may not have been breached, once any medication or food has left our building we cannot provide evidence of this. Nor could we prove to another client that the food or medication has not been tampered with in any way.  

Any returned drugs are disposed of into a pharmaceutical waste bin, which we then have to pay for the collection and disposal of.

If you have any unused pet medication we will be happy to dispose of this in practice free of charge.